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FishWeather GOLD Features

  • WeatherFlow Wind Meter included

    The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is an anemometer that fits in your pocket. You'll receive one free Wind Meter per year as long as your Gold membership is active.

  • Premium Support

    With Gold Membership, enjoy one-on-one help from our expert support staff on how to configure and utilize any of our weather tools, including custom maps, forecasts, alerts, and much more.

FishWeather PRO Features

  • Real-Time Reports from our Exclusive Pro Stations (Yellow)

    Fishweather engineers design, build, install, and maintain our own network of research grade weather stations that are meteorologist-located for maximum quality.

  • Professional Meteorologist Forecasts

    Do not miss out on our Pro Forecast discussions! Our extensive experience forecasting local wind patterns translates into pinpoint accuracy. (North America only. Seasonal.)

  • Save Map Custom Feature

    Members with Pro or better access have the ability to save their own custom Map views. With so many weather tools at your disposal, you can create some highly specialized maps.

FishWeather PLUS Features

  • Real-Time Reports from our Exclusive Plus Stations (Green)

    Our Plus Weather Stations give you another outstanding feed of exclusive high-quality real-time wind reports here on Fishweather. Rolling out in increasing numbers around the world, these stations make our Plus Membership a must-have.

  • Our Own Exclusive High-Res Forecast Model

    Along with all public forecast models, we offer our WF-WRF model which offers increased accuracy thanks to input from our exclusive weather station network.

  • Multiple High-Quality Plus Forecast Models

    Fishweather PLUS Membership also unlocks additional high-quality forecast models, giving you a greater range of meteorological inputs. Try them all, and see which ones work best for your target locations.


    Fishweather's LIVE WIND PLUS combines our uber-popular Wind Map & Flow Map features into a truly next level tool - with the Flow Map portion being powered by our enhanced, highly-accurate PLUS Forecasts.

  • Unlimited Wind Alerts via email, text, or mobile

    With Plus Membership or better you can receive unlimited real-time Wind Alerts from your local favorite spots. Don't want to miss another day? We can help.

  • Unlimited Forecast Alerts via email, text, or mobile

    Set up Forecast Alerts to be notified when conditions are predicted to reach thresholds that you select. Choose from multiple forecast models, worldwide.

  • Flow Map Forecast Animation

    The Fishweather Flow Map Forecast is a riveting animated view of predicted winds -- offering a more precise view of forecast model output.

  • Nowcast Wind Reports for Key Spots Worldwide

    Fishweather's proprietary Nowcasts are powered by our own algorithm which takes into account nearby weather station reports plus hi-res forecast model data.

  • Sea Surface Currents (High Resolution)

    Fishweather offers you accurate hourly high resolution sea surface current forecasts in several key regions throughout North America. (Resolution up to 200m.)

  • Wind+Gust Map

    This handy variation of our Wind Observations Map displays the current real-time average windspeed for each station PLUS the gust readings. (Unless Gust not available.)

  • Sea Surface Temperatures

    Water temperature data derived from daily satellite observations can be a handy reference any time your plans involve you in the water & not just above it. Available worldwide.

  • Nautical Charts

    Another one of our crucial weather map layer products, nautical charts can be activated alongside our weather station observations to give you a precision view of your region. (North America only.)

  • Reduced Ads Option

    Reduced Ads Option-We give you the option to reduce the number of ads in the Fishweather interface, which can maximize the pixel space of the user interface for products such as our weather maps.

  • Wind Statistics (select year)

    Fishweather gives you in-depth Wind Statistics for all weather stations. With Plus Membership or better, you will have access to view stats for individual years.

FishWeather FREE Features

  • Reports from 50,000+ Free Stations worldwide (White)

    Your complete Fishing weather source, Fishweather delivers real-time data from weather station networks around the world. We add new stations all the time.

  • Free Forecast for anywhere on Earth

    Fishweather gives you precise forecasts for where you Fish, and the ability to choose between multiple forecast models to give you the fullest picture possible.


    Fishweather's LIVE WIND gives you an insanely addicting view of the wind. But more importantly- it goes beyond the Forecast Flow Map concept to also include The Real Deal: hard data from real weather stations!

  • Wind List

    Fishweather's Wind List is your ultimate quick-load wind reference tool. Wind List tells you the top-ranked weather stations in the area -- for any search you do -- anywhere in the world.

  • Complete Wind Report & Forecast page

    Our Complete Wind Report & Forecast page is Fishweather's "EVERYTHING" page. Everything about your spot, all on one page: Current Wind Report, numerous Forecasts, Statistics, & more.

  • Wind Alerts via email, text, or mobile

    Know when to go! We contact you when your local conditions reach the thresholds that you set. Alert settings include: wind speed, direction, gust, & more.

  • StormTrack

    Our StormTrack feature shows you the latest predicted track of each storm identified by the National Hurricane Center, and gives you the tools to track the storm as it progresses.

  • Onsite Reports from members worldwide

    Fishweather has a large global network of Onsite Reporters who check in with their local wind & weather reports. Join our crowdsourcing revolution.

  • Wind Archives (Wind Graph History)

    Explore the Fishweather Wind Archives -- a full, searchable historical archive of our Wind Graphs for all weather stations, extending beyond 30 years for some popular locations.

  • Wind Statistics for all Weather Stations

    KNOW which months are the windiest at all Weather Stations worldwide! Review our Wind Statistics when trying a new spot, or planning your next trip.

  • Tides & Currents

    Always keep an eye on the tide! On Fishweather you can view high and low tides as well as predicted currents for locations worldwide. Our graph and tabular format is quick & easy to use.

  • Radar & Satellite

    We offer high-resolution radar and satellite overlays on our wind observation maps enabling you to pinpoint rain events & cloud cover in relation to your location. (North America only.)

  • Custom Favorites Lists

    Organize all of your top Spots on one Favorites list for quick reference -- to make your decision, about WHERE & WHEN to go, super easy. You can create multiple Favorites lists.

  • National Weather Service Forecasts & Warnings

    Fishweather includes NWS forecast bulletins and marine watches & warnings for United States coastal locations including east & west coasts, Gulf, Great Lakes.

  • Wind Widgets for your Website or Blog

    Fishweather widgets can take your website to the next level, giving you dynamic, crucial content. These must-have tools can be customized for location, color, size, and units.

  • Create Your Own Custom Forecast Spot

    On our Forecast Map, simply tap or click your desired location on the map to create your own Custom Forecast Spot & add it to your Favorites.

  • Web and Mobile Access

    Fishweather delivers the best-available wind information to you via web and mobile (iOS and Android devices). Stay tuned in on both - for the complete Fishweather experience.